Profile: Pedro Lopez

  • Full Name – Pedro Alonso Lopez
  • Nickname – The Monster of the Andes
  • Born – October 8, 1948
  • Location of Activity – Ecuador, Peru, Colombia
  • Years of Activity – 1969 - 1980
  • Number of Kills – 300+
  • Date of Death – unknown
  • Cause of Death – unknown

If the tale he has told can be believed, Pedro Alonso Lopez began his life being born to a prostitute with 13 children.  She found him fondling one of his younger sisters when he was eight and kicked him out into the streets, resulting in him being taken in by a man who raped him.  He was placed in a school for orphans but ran away a short time later, supposedly being molested by one of his teachers.  By 18-years-old, he was a career criminal, stealing cars to make a living.  He was eventually arrested for car theft and spent some time in jail.  It was after he was released that Lopez began his killing spree.

His first victims were in Peru.  After killing more than 100 people (according to his own accounts), some locals managed to capture him and were prepared to dole out their own brand of justice.  An American missionary intervened, however, and convinced them to give him to the police.  The police did nothing and let Lopez go.  He then moved on to Colombia to continue killing and eventually made his way to Ecuador.

Lopez’s victims were all young girls.  The bodies found in Ecuador ranged between 9 and 12 years of age.  More than 50 bodies were eventually uncovered, though he claimed responsibility for at least 240 more missing girls.  During the most prolific period of his spree, Lopez says he was killing an average of 3 to 4 people a week.  Every victim he killed was raped before he ended their life.

In 1980, Lopez was caught, though the police did not believe him at first when he confessed.  Only a circumstantial flash flood uncovering a mass grave of his victims prompted them to pursue his prosecution.  He was convicted of 110 murders in Ecuador.  In 1994, he was released, despite the high number of killings.  He was deported to Columbia where authorities picked him up and charged him again.  This time he would only spend three years in a mental hospital for his crimes.  Whether Lopez is alive today and where he might be is unknown.


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