Profile: Serhiy Tkach


  • Full Name – Serhiy Tkach
  • Nickname – Pologovsky Maniac
  • Born – September 12, 1952
  • Location of Activity – Ukraine and surrounding areas
  • Years of Activity – 1980 - 2005
  • Number of Kills – 29 confirmed (possible up to 130)

Serhiy Tkach is one of the most prolific serial killers of modern times, with a potential 130 plus victims.  One of the reasons for this was that he worked as a police investigator in Siberia for many years, learning all the tricks of the trade.  He would later use this knowledge of police procedure and technologies to fool his pursuers and remain free long enough to claim victim after victim.  After his time with the police force, Tkach moved to the Ukraine, making his way by working in coal mines and industrial plants.  This was when his killing spree most likely began.

Tkach’s victims were all girls between the ages of 8 and 18, whom he would suffocate to death and then rape the bodies post-mortem.  When the killing spree started is up for debate.  Tkach moved to the Ukraine in 1982, though some reports put his first killings in 1980.  Other studies show that he did not begin killing until as late as 1984.  Considering the large discrepancy between how many murders he was eventually convicted of and how many he claims to have committed, it is difficult to determine the exact start of his spree.

Regardless, Tkach claimed victims for somewhere around 25 years.  Several others were arrested for his crimes during this time, due to his ability to leave no clues as to his identity.  It wasn’t until witness saw him in the company of a friend’s daughter, who later turned up dead, would Tkach finally be caught.

He was eventually convicted of 29 counts of murder and 11 counts of attempted murder, despite his claims that those numbers were well above 100.  Tkach demanded that the courts give him the death penalty, but it had been abolished following the collapse of the Soviet Union and so he was sentenced to life imprisonment instead.

When asked about his motives, Tkach gave a number of reasons.  At first, he claimed that it was revenge on women for the mistreatment he received at the hands of his wives (of which he had three during his time).  Later, he would state that his primary motivation was sexual pleasure and that he also did it to mock his former colleagues in the police department.  Whatever his reasons, Tkach was a brutal and merciless individual.



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