The hunt for a serial killer's dog

The hunt for a serial killer's dog

Neal Falls' dog could hold secrets

Earlier this year when Neal Falls was shot and killed by a prostitute in self-defense, it uncovered the chilling tale of a serial killer whose life still remains a mystery. Police found a "kill kit" in the Oregon man's car including "a machete, shovel, axes, knives, a bulletproof vest, a Rubbermaid tub full of towels, a large container of bleach and numerous sets of handcuffs."

They also found dog hairs - lots of them - but no dog.

Police speculate that Falls may have left his dog behind when he went out hunting victims that night. But where? And what other evidence might be stashed along with his dog?

The dog may turn out to be the key that police need to unravel the mystery of Neal Falls, who has remained an enigma. Police have found basic records of Falls' life, but have failed to find any substantial evidence about his kills. They suspect that he hid those somewhere - and his mysterious dog may lead the way.

Authorities are asking people to report any dog found dead in an abandoned structure, hotel room, or campsite, in the hopes that it matches the hairs found in Falls' car.