Profile: Kenneth Bianchi

Profile: Kenneth Bianchi

One of the Hillside Stranglers, two men who truly enjoyed killing
  • Full Name – Kenneth Alessio Bianchi
  • Nickname – The Hillside Strangler
  • Born – May 22, 1951
  • Location of Activity – Los Angeles, CA; Bellingham, WA
  • Years of Activity – 1977-1979
  • Number of Kills – 12
  • Date of Death – n/a
  • Cause of Death – n/a

Kenneth Bianchi was one of the two serial killers that would come to be known as the Hillside Stranglers.  The other happened to be his cousin, Angelo Buono, Jr., who shared his love of killing women.

As a child, Bianchi displayed many traits that marked him out as being a potential criminal in his later years.  Born to a prostitute, he was adopted out, though this did not help his situation.  He was known as a compulsive liar with a quick temper.  He also developed several physical health conditions.  Smarter than most people in his classes, Bianchi was an underachiever who never applied this advantage to his life.

Once out of high school, Bianchi’s troubles began to escalate.  He got married, but it only lasted eight months.  He drifted from job to job and place to place.  Finally settling into a job as a security guard, he would use his trusted position to commit several petty thefts, mostly jewelry and the like that he would give to women.

Finally, Bianchi made his way to Los Angeles, where he would begin his killing spree.  There is where he met up with his cousin, the two becoming pimps for a time.  Eventually pimping was not enough and so they started killing for fun.

At least 10 women were raped, tortured and murdered, all of them between the ages of 12 and 28, though there was no other particular victim profile.  The way they chose to kill them was just as varied, the two experimenting with different methods.  Ironically, Bianchi ended up working with the LAPD for a time, helping them search when they were looking for the Hillside Stranglers. 

After a falling out with Buono, Bianchi left LA and moved to Bellingham, WA.  There, he claimed two more victims, though he was unable to cover his tracks without help from his cousin and ended up being arrested in 1979.  Shortly thereafter, he turned in his cousin as well.  When his case came to trial, Bianchi attempted to plead insanity by faking Multiple-Personality Disorder, but psychologists eventually called him on it.  He is now serving life in prison for his crimes.