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Profile: Vera Renczi

"In their deaths they had become the devoted and unwavering men that she had always wanted."
  • Full Name – Vera Renczi
  • Nickname – none
  • Born – 1903
  • Location of Activity – Romania
  • Years of Activity – 1920 - 1930
  • Number of Kills – 35 convicted, 38 possible
  • Date of Death – unknown
  • Cause of Death – Brain hemorrhage

Vera Renczi was born in Bucharest, Romania, the daughter of a wealthy family.  Her life was one of relative ease and she lived out her younger years in a highly promiscuous lifestyle.  She had already been involved with a number of men before she had reached the age of 15, most of them quite a bit older than her.  Even at a young age, she had a personality that was described as jealous and possessive.

The troubles began following her first marriage.  After coming to the conclusion that her husband was cheating on her, she poisoned him with arsenic, claiming that he had abandoned her.  She married again within a few months and, for the same reasons as the first, poisoned the new husband as well.

After the second, Vera stopped marrying, though still continued to take men as lovers.  She chose them from all walks of life, though each would sooner-or-later be suspected by Vera of being unfaithful, at which point she would poison them.  Every time she killed another, she would tell those that asked that the man had been unfaithful or abandoned her.

Finally, the wife of one of Vera’s lovers followed her cheating husband to Vera’s house.  When he didn’t return home, she confronted Vera, though was sent away promptly.  She then brought the police to Vera’s house.  Upon searching the premises, the police found 32 coffins in the cellar, each containing the decomposing corpse of one of her lovers.

When asked, Vera said that she liked to spend time in the cellar, surrounded by her former lovers.  In their deaths they had become the devoted and unwavering men that she had always wanted.

She was eventually convicted of 35 counts of murder.  One of these was her own son, who had apparently stumbled upon Vera’s secret.  Vera Renczi later died of a brain hemorrhage while still serving time in prison.