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Profile: Yoo Young-chul

A steady downward spiral that ended in more than 20 deaths.
  • Full Name – Yoo Young-chul
  • Nickname – N/A
  • Born – 1970
  • Location of Activity – South Korea
  • Years of Activity – September 2003 - July 2004
  • Number of Kills – 21
  • Date of Death – N/A
  • Cause of Death – N/A

Yoo Young-chul was not the typical serial killer, unassuming and liked by his community while hiding the truth of his being.  To the contrary, he was very much a criminal from the beginning, the scale of his crimes increasing the longer he lived.  He spent much of his life going in and out of prison, beginning in 1988.  Most of these early crimes were theft, though eventually he would end up serving time for robbery and rape.  Prison did little to rehabilitate him and when he was released in September of 2003, he immediately set out upon his killing spree.

His first victims were a wealthy elderly couple whom he killed in their bed.  After stabbing the husband in the throat with a knife, Yoo smashed the head of his wife in with a hammer.  Most of his earlier victims were wealthy old men, though after a falling out with his girlfriend he switched to killing prostitutes.

He generally beat his victims to death with a large hammer.  In order to practice this killing art, he exercised the hammer upon the local population of dogs.  Sometimes, he would engage in cannibalism as well, eating the liver of a few of his victims.  When he switched to prostitutes as his main target, he would often mutilate their bodies, cutting them into pieces before disposing of them.

It took less than a year before Yoo was captured, but by then he had killed 21 people.  When asked of his motives, he expressed a hatred for the rich and said that the women who died were “sluts” and that they deserved what they got.  He was sentenced to death a year after capture, the first sentence of its type in South Korea for over six years.  He now sits on death row, awaiting his execution.