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Profile: Jose Vega

A man who would charm his way into elderly women’s lives before killing them.
  • Full Name – Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega
  • Nickname – The Old Lady Killer
  • Born – December 3, 1957
  • Location of Activity – Santander, Spain
  • Years of Activity – 1987-1988
  • Number of Kills – 16+
  • Date of Death – October 24, 2002
  • Cause of Death – Stabbed

Born in Santander, Spain, Jose Vega is a person that turned bad very quickly and never made any attempts to get any better.  He began his criminal career with multiple rapes until he was finally caught and thrown in prison.  He was released in 1986 after serving just a small fraction of his original sentence.  While in prison, his wife at the time divorced him, but when he got out he remarried.  This time his wife was a mentally disabled woman that Vega would torture and humiliate.  At the same time, he made sure to put on an amiable public persona and most thought him to be a good person.

It wasn’t long before Vega returned to his twisted habits, though this time he added murder to the list.  He would find elderly women and watch them, figuring out their usual routines.  He would then approach them and try to gain their confidence, working his way into their lives by helping them out.  Once he had gained access to their houses, he would make his move.

All of Vega’s victims were between the ages of 61 and 93.  He would kill them, usually by suffocation and then rape the bodies.  Afterwards, he would arrange the remains so as to make it look like his victims had died of natural causes.  Most of the women were believed to have died this way until the truth about Vega was revealed.

Following an investigation, Vega was arrested, after which he confessed to the murders.  Upon finding his “trophy” room, police were able to identify items from the many deceased women’s houses, connecting Vega to the rest of the crimes.  After his conviction, Vega spent 10 years in prison before finally being stabbed to death by some other inmates.